7 Habit of highly effective people by Stephen R.Covey. Part 2

Habit 1 Be Proactive.


This habit is very interesting as it involves two people actually, there are those people who are proactive and those who are reactive, those people are totally different. All successful people are more proactive and those people who are not successful are less proactive or more Reactive.


Proactivity defines everything about you, your financial status, your behaviors, your character, I mean it defines you. I understand very well why the author started with this habits, because if you are not proactive, you are not even going to read this book, or even if you read this book you will still remain unchanged, remain the same. But get me well, you don't need to read this book to be proactive, but if you read this book you will know where you stand


A very clear example that I loved in this book while starting to read it.


Reactive Language


There's nothing I can do.

That's just the way I am.

He makes me so mad.

They won't allow that.

I have to do that.

I can't

I must.

If only.


Proactive Language


Let's look at our Alternatives.

I can choose a different approach.

I control my own feelings.

I can create an effective presentation.

I will choose an appropriate response.

I choose.

I prefer.

I will.


Habit 2: Begin with an End in Mind


This habit started with funeral of myself, and I was kind afraid, but the example is very educative, here it is in short, suppose that you are at your funeral and they give a speech to your family members, friends, workmate and community mate. What do you think they will say about you, are you satisfied with their thought about you, are you satisfied with what your friend, son, wife, workmate will say about you. So if not you still have time to change and change them. Remember that changes start with you and grow to your influence circle. So don't try to change others before you change yourself.


Everything you do must have an end, and it is better when you start with an end in mind, the end in mind will affect anything and everything, trust me it will make a difference. Let me give a very clear example; suppose you have a car and you want to go but you don't know your destination, how much fuel do you need? Pretty sure you don't know, how many reserves ( food, water,etc..) you need? Pretty sure you don't know. But if you decide that you going from point A to Point B, at least here you know I am going to B and I will need this fuel, this quantity of reserve, and it will take this time.

That is why some people work so hard and yet they are failures because they don't have a destination, they don't have an end in mind thinking capacity. It simply means they don't have a plan and a goal at the same time.


Those successful people that you want to join, they all have a plan, a goal, and way to achieve it, they start their journey with an end in mind and that is why they are successful. So please examine yourself before you start anything you must have an end in mind. Let me ask you then, do you have an end in mind?


For further convincing example and reason do read this book.


Habit 3: Put first thing first.


Some people resumed it and called it a priority, to have priorities. Well, whatever you name it, it is important to have priorities, it is important to identify what comes first what comes after and what comes at last. It is also important to give each and every task a certain value because it helps when you determining what to put first and what to put last.


Before I forgot there are some guys who have a synonym of this habit called 20/80 rules, trust this habits will either make you successful and the lack of this habit will surely make your life miserable, will it it ? ( intended mistake but worth asking) will it really make my life better? Yes, it will. Here is a beautiful secret, did you know that there is one task that is productive than 5 task is done. I mean 20 percent of all task you do in your job is very crucial for the development of your business or other stuff you do than the 80 remaining tasks that you do. So if you can identify those 20% tasks that are crucial and you give them more time, you would grow faster than the rate you are growing on.


So here is what put first thing first will teach you, it will teach you to say a big NO to none or less important tasks, say no to spend the whole night drinking in the bars because your family needs, you jobs needs, yourself need to rest. There is a lot of stuff that needs your BIG NO, after giving value to each task you do, then start allocating your time to those tasks, less value task needs a few time and high-value tasks needs much time. That is as simple as drinking water, isn't it?


This author has a very well methodology for this session of saying a BIG NO and saying a BIG YES. So stop being lazy and go read the book, but before you go please finish what you started by reading this whole book review.

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