Freelancing on Fiverr ( Advantages and Disadvantages)

  1. Fiverr


Fiverr is among the most popular website for freelancer's, it does not charge for a new freelancer because you are allowed to create a profile for free and makes gigs that will help you to attract customers. They only charge you when you want to go premium.


Some of its advantages of Fiverr


Fiver is cost-effective : the cost at fiver start at 5$ which acceptable for those who buy and sell, however as the service provider you can change the minimum cost at higher price depending on how you value your services, so as a beginner you can choose which price to start and considering the customer you want to attract.


With Fiverr you advertise your service using gigs: ( gigs are like an online portfolio where you put your services together)  and when a customer likes your gigs they contact you through messaging. And making an ordering.


Some of its disadvantages of Fiverr


Fiverr is a bit harsh for starters or beginners: Starting at Fiverr and getting a client is a little bit harsh since the client prefer those with experience and high rating for trust issues so a beginner would get a client after struggling for a few months.


Fiverr has a high commission rate: Fiverr has a high commission of 20% of the price, if your price is 5$ fiver will only give you 4$, image, if you have a client of 1000$ fiver, will give you 800$, so you understand what 20% mean.

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