Freelancing on Freelancer ( Advantages and Disadvantages)

The name explains almost everything: it’s the biggest web site for freelancers. You can find both small creative jobs, like business cards for 20$, and middle-term ones, like website development. Freelancer is one of the most popular freelance platforms in the world, with more than 19 million users and there are still growing too fast.


This platform is versatile in the type of industries you can find work in. This includes internet marketing, mobile app development, SEO, web design, graphic design, 3D modeling, data entry, translation, writing, software development, and more.




As the services provider, you can choose the payment method, Network, Checking qualification's and reviews will hold your payment in escrow until the work is completed correctly.


Disadvantages of Freelancer


One downside to this site is you only can submit 8 applications before having to pay a membership fee. Then there’s a project fee that takes 3% to 5% of your commission.


A lot of spam works, you can see that these jobs are so cheap or the client doesn't have any rating and experience


Take a fee or commission before starting the project. Sometimes clients don't pay for a project but freelancer took your commission that's why you can lose money at the time

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