Freelancing on People per Hour ( Advantages and Disadvantages)

This is another freelancer site where you can find help on a variety of marketing needs. Like, the way to get started on People Per Hour is to post a description of your project, though you can also browse projects and freelancers if you wish. Try to be as detailed as possible, so you get the best matches. You also can choose an experience level from entry-level to expert. Select based on budget and the impact that the project will have on your business. People Per Hour has hourly rates and fixed-fee projects, though it is a small-scale site.

Advantages of People per Hour

You can pause your availability or hourlies if you can't take on any more work

You get invited to jobs by clients, to bid on their job and you don't spend any of your monthly credit allowances.

Disadvantages of people per Hour

Though it is a small-scale site. One of the disadvantages is the slow clearance of funds when you have completed the job and the client has paid and still, it takes a long time to process such simple transaction

Inviting Freelancers it would be amazing to have a search by name button since it is for a client that I have worked with to find me again, it requires that they scroll again in the clouded portfolio

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