Freelancing on Upwork ( Advantages and Disadvantages)

Upwork is also a job site like Fiverr, here on Upwork you can create your profile and put on the price that you want, it also has a many clients like Fiverr, the only main difference between Fiverr and Upwork is that the fee structure clearly indicates that Upwork encourages larger projects and long term commitments, while Fiverr goes simplicity and smaller tasks.

You can go in the different field depending on your skills some of the field are IT & Networking, writing, web development, software development, design, admin support, customer service, sales and marketing, translation, marketing, accounting and consulting, legal, and engineering/architecture.

Clients can reach out to you via your profile and you can look for work posted by client members.

Advantages of Upwork

Advantages of Upwork is that there are choices of getting paid: Hourly wage, milestone, and one-time payment. Which is an advantage because as the services provider you get to choose when to be paid. That is different from other freelancer's websites.

Upwork has a wide variety of work to do: you can choose a project among more than 10 variety of project available

Disadvantages of Upwork

There is a high competition for attractive projects, since they pay very well, so the number of applicants is bigger and it will be not easy to get such project while competing with experienced freelancer's.

The other disadvantages are that it has a high fee rate of 25% of the price the client pay, 20% for Upwork and 5% of taxes and other expenses, so as you understand 25% is a little bit much. 

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