Have dreams and a plan to achieve them.

There are many habits which differentiate rich people from poor people, and there is no way you are going to be rich without applying those crucial habits, today we are going to view one habit about goals and a plan to achieve them because this habits will affect how you work, how you think and even how you act.


Have dreams and a plan to achieve them.


I am not going to lie to you saying that poor people do not have dreams, that would be a lie, both the rich and poor people have dreams, try it yourself ask anyone what do you plan to have or be in the next 5 years? They will give you a long list of what they plan to achieve, but ask them a second question " how do you plan to achieve those stuff you told me?" they will simply give you a vague answer like work hard, is working hard a plan? But ask a rich person their goals in 5 years they give you clear and attainable goals. Ask them again how do you plan to achieve those goals? I am sure they will give clear and planned way to reach there, like start taking courses, attending professional events, practicing, etc. if you dare to ask those two people you will get a difference the only difference is their dream are different.


There is much difference between their dream, that was the first example, again go ask another group of different people (poor and rich). Let's clearly look on the most dreams or goals they plan to reach, they will mostly give goals like buying a car, buying a house, expensive stuff is all you get, ok I mean they will tell goals and if you analyze them better you find those goals in the liabilities, those stuff that increase the expenses yet with no clear income which help them to go in further depts and bank loans and if you revisit them after 5 years to see what they achieved you will find them going into further useless loans and becoming more poorer, because all they have is spending money rather bringing In the money. I would tell you to be careful with your goals they either pull you down or put higher in prestige.


Let's look on the other side of the sample, the rich people goals which are clear and attainable but also they are in the side of assets, let's look at some of them, they will tell you " I need to start a branch of my business ( in case they have a business), they will tell you I need to work hard in the next five years I want promotion in my job, I need to buy shares," their dreams are mostly classified in the assets side they keep increasing their income instead of reducing what they have, they keep looking the big picture, and when they are they where they want to be, they will enjoy their success or celebrate their success with some a poor wish, they will buy the house, car and other enjoyment stuff. This clearly shows that poor goals are the celebration of rich people. Yet they have nothing to celebrate for. Please do revise your goals.


Apart from having different goals they also have a different methodology to reach where they want to go. Like I said in the first paragraph they have no clue about what to reach where to plan to go. Let’s look on both sides. Simply let's look at the poor or middle-class people lifestyle (middle-class people are doing what rich people do in half, they try to do what rich people does but they don't do it fully). Poor or middle class are spending most their time watching tv, playing video games, spending almost all their weekends in bars spending the little they have gained ( I am not an anti-Bar man, but try not to go to the bar all your weekdays and weekends ), they also drink too much, in short, they sleep late and wake up late or early but very tired to spend another day, it's a long list in reality and I am sure you know that too. On the other side rich people are reading books, short time on tv, attends events which help them to grow mentally and financially, they invest in themselves and try applying what they have learned after all they take care of their family and enjoy life too, but to them you don’t dance before the music, you celebrate after a success, not before success.


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