How to sell online


Redbubble is one of those platforms which help you to generate a passive income, it is also one of the best in those kinds of platform.


Print-on-demand companies like Redbubble are wonderful because they help you to widen your market as an artist, you don't have open a physical shop and pay rent other expensive stuff to open a business, those companies help you to sell your arts at a very good price mostly at a price of your choice, all they ask you is to upload your content and wait for the customer. Simple as that.

I will suggest five things that will help you to increase your sells on Redbubble.


  1. Upload as much work as you can.





When you upload as much work as you can, it will increase your chance to get noticed, and you will be giving your customers a variety of choices if they don't like this design they can like that one. I remember when I opened a Redbubble account I had a few designs of mine and I waited for 5 months to get the first sale, I had given up on Redbubble thinking that it was a scam but after my first sale, I was motivated again and invested my time and energy in it. That is when I started to see changes, that is when I started to make more sales in a month, why because I have many designs. So I advise doing the same.


  1. Check your Titles, Tags, and Description




Uploading much work is important but it is not enough, it is also important to properly make outstanding titles and tags. But why title, tags, and descriptions are important? Because customers do not know you, but the customers know what they want, they types a name of products and your products will show up in case you used the proper tags. Ex: if a customer is looking for a Christmas t-shirt, and in your tags, you have a word Christmas, then all products with a Christmas tag will show up.


  1. Enable as many Design as Possible.





I love the Redbubble upload system because when you upload one design it is automatically available on many products, which is different from other print on demand companies. So when you upload a design it is better to enable it on all products so that when a customer loves your design can have it on different products. Ex: on pillows, phone cover, bags, t-shirt and many types of products.


  1. Promote yourself after all ( you deserve it).




After uploading much design, tagging them and writing descriptions properly then the next step is sharing them, to let people know that you have made a beautiful design for them, use all opportunities you have to share your Redbubble account, share them on all possible social media. This will generate traffic for your Redbubble.


  1. Build a relationship with Redbubble.


After doing all these steps stated above, wait for clients to come to your shop, send them a thanks message on every purchase they make, joins the artist groups and try to follow another artist, love their work and comment on them, some artist will do the same for you. Get involved in group discussion.

It will take some time to start selling on Redbubble but it is worth the wait. So keep uploading many designs because one day you will start making sells.





Good Luck

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