The journey of success

We all know that most poor people are afraid to face difficulties, they are always avoiding difficulties, I mean we all have difficulties which we cannot avoid. The only difference between poor people is the method they use to solve daily problems and the daily decision they make.


We all have problems either financial or social problems but the way we take the initiative to solve them is very different, but let me tell you one thing, success does not come accidentally and you have to know that even when that happens, it will go back accidentally while you are still asleep. Success is just a process not a particular button or door to open at once but it is like a very big apartment with various doors and for those who think that success is like a button then it is simple as driving an airplane.


Well success is a journey and you better start early but starting early does not mean you will be successful early, everyone has his journey to success which is different from anyone else. Even though every journey to success is different there are a lot of similarities between each and every successful person, and those similarities are only found in such group of people, which means that if you have those behaviors, habits or other similarities will ensure your success.


Last time we discussed setting goals and a plan to achieve them, Today we are going to look in summary what you can expect in your journey of success. Let me tell you that 90% of what I am going to tell you will happen to you.


  • Loneliness and discouragement.

    Firstly you have to know that we all want to be successful, we want those expensive cars, luxury house, and other monetary benefits. But some stay poor because of lack of courage, and when you decide to start your journey, when you gather you courage to start changing that is when some of the friends will shut you down, they will give you a thousand reason to discourage you and don't hate them for that, they just want you to stay in their club, they don't want to see you leave them. At the end you will feel the taste of loneliness, ooh you will start missing appointments with friends, start to respond text message late, you know getting to know other people and your old  friends and those who are not at the same level as you are they will start to have complex to be with you and other many factors to avoid you.


  • Finance

    Well actuary when you will start your journey, you will start facing finance problems, yes you heard me, when you will be starting your career  your financial problem will be doubled or even tripled and I am sure you will hit the ground and it will hurt, whether you are rich or poor you will need much more money than what you have now, sometimes oh not sometimes at least once, it will seem like you have lost everything and it will be like there is no back up plan, you will face difficulties, those friends whom you left behind will lough in your back and you will feel useless at this stage, some are depressed but let me tell you something don't give up, don’t get depressed because this is where you will learn a lot and start going forward, this is what we call being broke, I was saved by a call of an old client and his income helped me to get back to the track. This is a very good period to learn from, no matter what you will face this period, but you don't know when it is going to come to visit you but for sure wait for it because it waiting for you, even some have got the money that they call success but a true and a long term success will come after this period.


  • Hard Decision making

    Life is about making decisions, and when you are a visionary, an entrepreneur, an idealist you will have to make decision two times than the standard people, commoner people decisions and you will have to make decision that affects other people's family, friends, marriage, in general you will make decision that will affect other people who will follow you in your conquest. And when you mess up and I am sure you will mess up you will get hurt badly, you will cry and for sure that's is not avoidable, it must happen to let you learn.


    There are a lot of decision to make in your journey, choosing the right people to keep, choosing the right people to hire, choosing the right partner, choosing where to invest, I mean there are a lot of decision that you will need to make and sometimes it is going to be challenging and frustrating either to hire your best friends  or hiring the right employer over your friends, but let me tell you something, you should start reading a lot of books written by successful people.


    Recommended books


    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


     Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace, 


    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen Covey


    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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